At the time of launch, Gmail started its service by providing 1 gigabyte/user. As of now, about 15 gigabytes of storage are delivered by Gmail per user. However, users can take the help of Google Drive to increase their storage, especially for sending larger files. It has a search-oriented interface, and the service is amazing as Gmail scans malware and spam. The other peculiarity of Gmail is that it permits customers to be inactive for 8-9 months, whereas some other email services demand to be active once a month. Gmail not only provides mail services but is also known for helping users in every possible way through Gmail customer support service. If you are a Gmail user and want to get assistance, you can go through this guide and resolve Gmail support

How to Set up Gmail account >> Gmail Accounts Setup Help

Gmail is one of the favorite and ever-trending email services that helps users send and receive mail essentials such as files, documents, attachments, pictures, and more. If you want to set up Gmail account without any hindrance, just look at the steps given in this section. It is easy to create a Gmail account by applying the below guidelines. If you do not know how to set up a Gmail account, do the following:

How to create a Gmail account for Desktop users

  1. Open the Gmail official site.
  2. Press the ‘Create an account’ option.
  3. Write your first and last name in the required field.
  4. Provide the unique username that should end with ‘’
  5. Afterward, give the password in the given field and confirm it once again by writing it in the next field.
  6. Press the ‘Next’ option.
  7. Choose the recovery options for Gmail sign up; phone number & alternate mail ID.
  8. Give your date of birth in the next field.
  9. Choose your gender.
  10. Tap the ‘Next’ button.
  11. Now, verify your given contact number (press the send button, you will get a code in your phone, provide it in the prompt field).
  12. After that, hit the ‘I Agree’ option.

Gmail accounts setup on the Smartphone

This is for mobile users who do not know how to create Gmail account. Gmail Sign up process via smartphone is quite easy and straightforward. Just follow the given steps consequently and set up new Gmail accounts setup

  1. If you don’t have a pre-installed Gmail App on your device, install it.
  2. Then, launch the Gmail app on your smartphone.
  3. Press the ‘Sign in’ button.
  4. Then, press the ‘More options’ button.
  5. Tap the ‘Create Account’ button.
  6. Write your first and last name in the required field.
  7. Hit the ‘next’ option.
  8. Give your DOB and gender in the prompt field.
  9. Press the ‘Next’ button.
  10. Write the preferred Username in the next field.
  11. Hit the ‘Next’ option.
  12. Then, create a new yet strong password and hit the ‘next’ option.
  13. Give your contact number and verify it by pressing the ‘Verify’ button.
  14. After the verification, press the ‘next’ option.
  15. Now, click the ‘I Agree’ option and hit the ‘Next’ option at last.
  16. Now you can add contacts and organize mails as well.

All about Gmail Login for You >> Gmail Login Help

If you have created your new Gmail account, you will not find any difficulty in signing in. There are plenty of options for Gmail sign in, and we have given some methods to get into it. You just have to execute these guidelines, and the rest of the things will be done in a few minutes. However, there could be a possibility of getting the error due to the model of your computer or login

On Computer

Using your computer, you can add different yet many accounts on the browser page. However, here we are going to show you the method to log in Gmail account on the computer. Just follow the steps accordingly.

  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Write ‘Gmail’ in the search bar and open the Gmail official site.
  • Or else, you can directly hit the ‘sign in’ button given on your browser page.
  • You will be asked to write the username, provide your Gmail ID and tap the ‘Next’ option.
  • Then, give your Gmail password in the prompt field.
  • Press the ‘Sign in’ button.

On Smartphone

In this guide, users will get to know the process of login into your Gmail account on your smartphone. For this, you have to add the account on the Gmail app, and you will be automatically logged in to the account. Just go through the steps accordingly.

  1. Open the ‘settings’ app on your smartphone.
  2. Press the ‘Manage Google Accounts’ option.
  3. Now, choose the ‘Menu’ option.
  4. Press the ‘Accounts’ button and then choose the ‘Add account’ option.
  5. Follow the instructions shown on the screen to add the account.
  6. Now, open the Gmail App and get logged into the account.
  7. If it is not logged in automatically, provide the Gmail ID in the prompt field along with the password.
  8. At last, tap the ‘Sign in’ button.

The above procedures will help you out in signing into the Gmail account. However, if you encounter any fret or glitch while implementing the above procedure, you can contact the official Gmail expert help.

How to Change Gmail Password >> Recover Password Gmail Help

If you wonder if changing my password on Gmail is a difficult task, you are mistaken. Gmail is a well-known email service platform that helps users send and receive their important files, documents, pictures, and other things safely. Therefore, it is vital to keep your Gmail account safe and protected against hackers. That’s why users should change their Gmail passwords regularly. If there is any problem with Gmail, consider changing your password at once. Go through these steps and change your Gmail password in a quick time for account recovery on Gmail.recover password gmail

Password Change of Gmail on Computer

  1. Open the browser, and go to the official Gmail website.
  2. Provide your Gmail login mail information and get into it.
  3. Go to the ‘settings’ option (gear icon).
  4. Press the ‘Accounts and Import’ button.
  5. Tap the ‘Change Password’ option.
  6. Write your ongoing Gmail password in the asked field.
  7. Hit the ‘Next’ option.
  8. Then, give the new yet secure password in the next field and confirm it once again.
  9. At last, hit the ‘Change Password’ button.

Password Change of Gmail on Smartphone

Changing the Gmail password would keep your account safe and protected. In addition, this section helps you to recover password Gmail if you’re using a smartphone.

  1. Launch the Gmail App on your smartphone. Ensure that you have logged in.
  2. Press the ‘three horizontal lines’ given on the side of the Gmail account.
  3. Press the ‘Settings’ button.
  4. Choose the Gmail account.
  5. Press the ‘Manage your Google Account’ button.
  6. Then, select the ‘security’ button.
  7. Choose the ‘password’ option.
  8. Provide your ongoing Gmail password.
  9. Hit the ‘Next’ option.
  10. Give a new yet strong password in the required field and confirm it by writing once again in the next field.
  11. Click the ‘Change Password’ option.

How to Reset Gmail Password >> Recover Password Gmail Help

Wondering what to do if I forgot my Gmail password? Don’t worry. We are here to help you out!

Sometimes users forget their Gmail password and find the right way to get back to their Gmail account. Here, we will help you with account recovery on Gmail through the steps given below. Just have a look over the process and clear your doubt to reset gmail password

Password Reset of Gmail using Gmail official website

  1. If you are using a laptop/desktop and trying to access Gmail on the browser, this section is helpful for you. Implement the steps mentioned below and recover password for Gmail account.
  2. Open the link: on your preferred browser.
  3. Write your Gmail ID or verified phone number and tap the ‘Next’ option.
  4. Press the ‘Forgot password?’ button.
  5. Give the last password you remember and hit the ‘Next’ option. Otherwise, tap the ‘try a different question’ button.
  6. Follow the commands shown on the screen. Mostly, it would help you to:
    • Confirm a text linked with your Gmail account on your phone number.
    • Confirm a message that would come to your alternate mail account.
  7. Provide the code that would have come to your registered mobile number or alternate email account.
  8. Make a new yet strong password and confirm it.
  9. Tap the ‘change password’ option and, at last, press the ‘continue’ button.

Password Reset of Gmail using App of Gmail

I forgot my Gmail password recently; what should I do? If you have forgotten Gmail password, this is one of the simplest ways to recover it. However, in case you find any glitch in implementing the procedure, you can use the following guide.

  1. Launch the Gmail app on your smartphone or laptop.
  2. Press the ‘+add an Account’ option.
  3. Press the ‘Google’ option and give your Gmail ID.
  4. Press the ‘Next’ option.
  5. Now, hit on the ‘Forgot Password?’ option.
  6. Provide your registered mobile number or an alternate email ID and tap the ‘Next’ option.
  7. Write the verification code in the next field that would have come to your mobile number or alternate mail ID (It could also be a link to verify).
  8. Press the ‘verify’ option if asked.
  9. Give a strong password in the next field and confirm it once again.
  10. Hit the ‘Next’ option.
  11. At last, click ‘Accept’ to recover password for Gmail account

All about Gmail SMTP settings

In case you want to operate any email client on your laptop or mobile and want to access Gmail with it, you need to provide the SMTP details in the prompt field. SMTP servers enable users to send their mail to anyone using an email client, and Gmail comes with a free SMTP server. However, if you choose only the SMTP server, you will only be able to send emails to Gmail users. But if you select the SSL/TLS, you can send mail to any email service user. Here, we have provided the correct Gmail SMTP details. If Gmail is not working, you can check and modify these settings. Then, write all the given information in the prompt field and access your Gmail on any email client.

  • Firstly, open the mail client or system’s configuration panel.
  • Write the following SMTP details in the prompt field.
    • Server name: ‘’
    • Username: user’s Gmail ID
    • Password: user’s Gmail password
    • SMTP Port number (SSL): 465
    • SMTP port number (TLS): 587
    • SMTP TLS/SSL required: ‘Yes’

These settings are valuable if Gmail is not working. Remember that SMTP offers limited sending mail options; 500 messages/day. If you exceed the number of mails, you will be blocked by the Gmail service provider.

All about Gmail adding contacts >> Gmail Contacts List Help

If you have a doubt about how to add contacts to Gmail, you are at the right place. With the help of Gmail adding contacts, users can save their key contacts in a hassle-free and easy way. By adding contacts to Gmail, you will be suggested their email address if you start typing their name in the URL bar. Also, you have the freedom to add your colleagues, family, and friends to your Gmail contacts list. In addition, editing contacts in Gmail is also a straightforward process. Follow these steps for adding contacts to Gmail:gmail contacts list

  • Open Gmail
  • Go to the email for whom contact has to be saved
  • Hit the three dots present on the right side of the mail
  • Hit ‘Add to Contacts list’

Alternatively, you can use the following guide:

  • Open Gmail and tap on the square icon (made of 9 dots) on the top right
  • Hit ‘Contacts’ and then select ‘Create contact’
  • Input the required information
  • Hit ‘Save’

Do you not know how to edit contacts in Gmail? Do not worry; we are here to assist you. For editing contacts in Gmail, do the following:

  • Open Gmail and tap on the square icon (made of 9 dots) on the top right
  • Hit ‘Contacts’ and then click a name
  • Hit ‘Edit’ from the top right
  • Make changes to the contact
  • Hit ‘Save’

All about Importing contacts from Gmail

With time, your contact database tends to grow. Due to this, it becomes difficult to organize them. Google Contacts is a helpful tool for managing your contacts. For importing contacts from Gmail, the first step is to have a custom CSV file that has your contacts.importing contacts from gmail

  • Open Gmail and tap on the square icon (made of 9 dots) on the top right
  • Hit ‘Contacts’
  • From the right pane, hit ‘Import’
  • Hit ‘Select file’ and then browse for the CSV file
  • Hit ‘Open’, and your contacts will be imported

All about Exporting contacts from Gmail

One of the great things about Gmail is that its address book is not limited to a single email address. It means you have the freedom to use a contact list with other Gmail accounts or email programs like Yahoo Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Outlook. For exporting contacts from Gmail, do the following:

  • Open Gmail and tap on the square icon (made of 9 dots) on the top right
  • Hit ‘Contacts’
  • From the right pane, hit ‘Export’
  • For exporting the complete address book, hit ‘Contacts’
  • Choose one of the formats: Outlook CSV, vCard, or Outlook CSV
  • Hit ‘Export’ and download the file

Gmail Customer Support Phone Numbers – Official

As per the resources present on the internet, we haven’t found any official Gmail customer support number. One of the reasons might be that Gmail is part of Google, so if you are looking for experts, you would have to interact with professionals of Google. However, we have provided the link to the Google support email. Therefore, you can contact Gmail support to connect with the official support customer support

Gmail Support Email

How to set up a group email in Gmail >> Gmail Group Contacts Help

People prefer making an email account at Gmail because of Group Contacts. If you have to send group emails frequently, you have the option of grouping your contacts into groups. It is easy to send messages to a few email addresses. However, this task becomes complex when a large number of email addresses are involved. In addition, you can make serious errors. Gmail Group Contacts is a time-saving tool that prevents you from adding all recipients manually. You can send Gmail group email by following these steps:

  • Open Gmail and tap on the square icon (made of 9 dots) on the top right
  • Hit ‘Contacts’
  • From the right pane, go to ‘Labels’
  • Under this section, hit ‘Create label’
  • Input the desired name of the group and hit ‘Save’

To send a Gmail group email, you need to add contacts to the group. Once you have created the group, it is easy to add people to to set up a group email in gmail

  • Go to Google Contacts
  • From the Contacts tab, select all the contacts to be added to a group
  • Hit the Labels icon at the top
  • Hit the group name and then ‘Apply’

All about Outlook Calendar Gmail Synchronization

Users tend to get confused if they use Outlook and Google calendars simultaneously. There is no need for additional extensions or plug-ins for Outlook calendar Gmail synchronization.

  • Open Outlook and hit ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘View All Outlook Settings’
  • Go to ‘Calendar’ and then select ‘Shared Calendars’
  • From ‘Publish a Calendar’, tap on ‘Calendar’
  • Choose ‘Can view all details’ and hit ‘Publish’
  • Get the ICS link
  • Now, open your ‘Google Calendar’
  • At the bottom, hit ‘Other calendars +’
  • Hit ‘From URL’
  • Enter the copied link and hit ‘Add calendar’

How to Find my Gmail account?

When you work with multiple companies, you also create different Gmail accounts. However, you may not remember how many email accounts are linked to your number. If you are wondering how to find my Gmail account, do the following:how do i find my gmail account

  • Visit Google Accounts Username Recovery page
  • Input the recovery email address or your phone number
  • Hit Next
  • Input your first and last name
  • Hit Next
  • A passcode will be sent to your recovery mail or number
  • Input the code
  • All Gmail accounts will be shown

If you are thinking how do I recover my Gmail account, do not worry; use these steps:

  • Input the email address
  • Hit forgot password
  • Input the code received on your phone number
  • Make a new password
  • Sign in with email ID and your password

How to Create a Safe Sender List Gmail?

You can easily whitelist a Gmail address by creating a filter for it. For a safe sender list Gmail, do the following:

  • Go to Settings from the top-right corner
  • Hit ‘Filters’
  • Choose ‘Create a new filter’
  • Either add the domain of the email in ‘From’ or add the email address in ‘To’
  • Hit ‘Create filter with this search’
  • Hit ‘Never send it to spam’
  • Hit ‘Create filter’

Resolving Gmail Keeps Crashing Issue >> Gmail Help Center

Is the Gmail app down? If Gmail keeps crashing on your phone, you have arrived at the right place. Read this section to fix it. It is a major inconvenience for users as they may be in the middle of composing a message. Gmail app crashing is mainly due to a software issue. However, such Gmail issues can be resolved easily by following these steps:gmail help center

  • Update your application: The current version of the Gmail app on your phone could be out-of-date or buggy, resulting in Gmail app crashing. This is why it is recommended to update the application. It is also helpful if you are facing the issue of Gmail no connection.
    • Open Google Play Store
    • From the top, click the three-line menu button
    • Tap ‘My apps & games’
    • Locate Gmail on the list
    • Hit ‘Update’ next to the app
  • Clear cache: You may face the issue of Gmail app no connection because of cached data. Gmail saves data temporarily to employ fewer resources and run faster. So if the application is malfunctioning on a device, it could be because of the Gmail app no connection issue.
    • Open Settings and go to ‘Apps & Notifications’
    • Select ‘See all apps’
    • Locate Gmail on the list
    • Select ‘Storage & Cache’
    • Hit ‘Clear cache’
  • Remove the account and log in again: Sometimes, there is no problem with Gmail app. However, it could be because of the Google account. You must sign in again to resolve such Gmail issues.
    • Open Settings
    • Go to ‘Passwords & accounts’
    • Locate the Google account to be removed and select it
    • Choose ‘Remove account’
    • To resolve Gmail no connection, add your Google account again
    • Open Settings
    • Go to ‘Passwords & accounts’
    • Hit ‘Add account’
    • Choose ‘Google’
    • Enter the credentials
    • Select ‘I agree’
  • Reinstall the app: If no solution works, you should consider reinstalling the app. It is going to clear your local data and start afresh.
    • Open Google Play Store
    • Enter ‘Gmail’ in the search field
    • Hit ‘Uninstall’ for deleting Gmail
    • After uninstalling the app, hit ‘install’ for reinstalling it

Is your Gmail down right now? Gmail outages can be the reason behind the app not working. It is very rare for Google services to malfunction, causing Gmail outages. However, there are certain sites where you can check- is Gmail down right now. The first option is to visit Google Workspace Status Dashboard. Is the Gmail app down? Look for Gmail on the list and check if it is operational. In addition, DownDetector is another website that identifies service outages.

Fixing Gmail Promotions No Connection Issue >> Gmail Help Center

Several iPhone users have faced Gmail promotions no connection issue while accessing the Social or promotion tab. It is not concerned with the Internet access as the Inbox tab is observed to be working well. Following are some ways to solve this problem:gmail promotions no connection

  • Re-enabling ‘Manage Account’

    • Open the Gmail application
    • Tap on your display picture
    • Hit ‘Manage accounts on this device’
    • Turn this option off
    • Close the application
    • Relaunch the application to enable this option
  • Re-enabling ‘Conversation View’

    • Open the Gmail application
    • Tap on Menu (hamburger icon)
    • Go to Settings
    • Choose the email address and move to the Conversation View
    • Turn this option off and re-enable it to solve the issue
  • Merging Promotions with Inbox

    • Open the Gmail application
    • Move to Settings and then Account
    • Go to Inbox categories
    • Turn off the Promotions tab
  • Manual search

    • Open the Gmail application
    • Input category: promotionsin the search field
    • Hit Enter

Gmail Support from Us

gmail contact us

Gmail is an email service made by Google, and it costs zero. Almost all internet users are now familiar with Gmail. At work, office, school, college, and everywhere need for Gmail has become an essential part of our lives. Through Gmail, users can send and receive e-files, documents, and pictures within a few seconds. This is why people prefer making an email account at Gmail. Use this article to resolve all your Gmail-related concerns easily. For additional help, you can also call the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party Gmail support where representatives are available to solve Gmail problems.