D-Link is a popular Taiwanese networking equipment industrial organization. The company was established in 1986 and is headquartered in Taipei. D-Link is a prominent name in the world of the networking and router industry. In addition, it is popular for a broad range of wired as well as wireless routers. For this reason, it is considered the most reliable networking brand. It strives to offer stable networks along with fast data connections. However, as a router is an electronic and technical device, it is prone to operational issues. These devices can be a bit complex and messy sometimes. If your router is showing any sign of a fault, you can read this guide to solve all your problems. Any problem can be fixed instantaneously by using the solutions presented here.dlink support

How to Set up D-Link Router >> Dlink Router Setup Help

This section will show how to setup DLink router. In addition to the Internet connection, you will also be informed about certain key settings. You can configure your router in a few minutes. After configuring the router, your WiFi connection is ready to use. You can then connect to the Internet with the help of your router. Before applying the DLink router setup help, ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected to the modem. Next, follow these steps for DLink setup:

  • Switch on the router
  • Connect the computer to your router with the help of WiFi or Ethernet cable
  • Open Chrome, Edge or any other browser
  • Then, input 168.1.1 or
  • On the login page, enter the default username as ‘admin’
  • There is no DLink default password, so you can leave the field blank.
  • Use the Internet Connection Setup Wizard to setup the router.
  • For SSID, input the WiFi name
  • For Key, input the password
  • For Connect type, select Static, PPPoE, or DHCP
    • Your ISP can help you to make a choice
    • As per D Link router setup help, select DHCP in case of the cable Internet service.
    • D Link router setup help also suggests that PPPoE should be used in the case of the DSL Internet service. Your D Link router password would be the Internet password offered by your ISP.
  • Hit Save and Connect
  • DLink setup is completed.

How to Login to D-Link Router >> DLink Router Login Help

dlink router login

A good ISP is not enough as your router must also be similar to the network connection. D-Link offers the best internet experience via routers. There are a range of  models to choose from; some are wireless adaptors and others wired. In addition, they are both reliable and affordable routers. If you have this device, you have to know how to access the router. For DLink router login, do the following:

  • Ensure Internet connection on your computer with the help of a wireless connection or LAN cable.
  • Open any web browser for D Link router login
  • Input and hit Enter
    • You can also use http://dlinkrouter.local
  • On the login page, input the username along with the password
    • The DLink default username is admin
    • There is no Dlink default password, meaning you can leave the field b blank.
  • Hit Login to access ‘my DLink account’

Dlink Support Numbers – Official

If you seek an official Dlink support number, you are at the right place. This section has mentioned some verified official Dlink Support phone numbers. These options have been obtained from the resources on the Internet. Even though all the contact options are reliable, we still recommend you to check these contact details by yourself before using them.d link support

Dlink Support Number 1 (877) 453-5465
Dlink Customer Support Number USA 1-714-885-6000
Dlink Office Number +1 800-326-1688

All about DLink Firmware Update

It is a known fact that all devices and software have vulnerabilities. This is the reason why they need regular updating. Through the DLink firmware update, the software can be patched. In addition to this, an update is also necessary for security reasons. It offers protection to your network against multiple threats while improving performance and getting the latest fixes. You will observe that most of the routers have an update checker in-built in the software. You need not inform your Internet Service Provider about updating the router’s firmware. These are the steps to get DLink firmware updates on the new D-Link 825 router:

  • Open any internet browser
  • Go to 168.0.1, which is the default router IP address
  • Sign in to the router by inputting the username along with the password
  • From the left pane, hit Systemdlink firmware update
  • In this section, choose Firmware Update
  • Toggle ‘Check for updates automatically’ on
  • Hit ‘Check for updates’
  • If available, hit ‘Update Firmware’

For updating the firmware on the older D-Link 825 router, use the following steps:

  • Open any internet browser
  • Go to 168.0.1, which is the default router IP address
  • Sign in to the router to access DLinkRouter settings
  • From the top menu, hit ‘Tools’
  • From the left pane, hit ‘Firmware’
  • Firmware information will appear.
  • Hit ‘check now’

Fixing D-Link Not Working Issues >> DLink Troubleshooting Guide

Every once in a while, you can face glitch issues in your router. There is no doubt that D-Link is a popular networking brand. It manufactures networking devices like USB adaptors, switches, extenders, routers, etc. Due to their top quality, they have made a great name in the market. This section is going to troubleshoot DLink issues. Following are some reasons that can cause D-Link not to work properly:dlink setup

  • Power supply and overheating issue
  • Incorrect configuration or latest firmware update
  • ISP issues

Due to several factors, there could be a loss of signal strength on your computer. Firmware can be considered the operating system of the router. It has to be updated to fix performance-related issues and bugs. To troubleshoot a wireless router swiftly, use the following steps:

  • Remove the router from its position
  • Unplug the 2.4Hz cordless phone or Bluetooth device
  • Using a paper clip, press the reset button on the router
  • Hold the button for ten seconds
  • Open an internet browser
  • Input and hit Enter
  • Use Admin as the default username
  • There is no D Link default password, so leave the field blank
  • Hit OK for D Link router login
  • Open the Setup Wizard
  • Move to Internet Connection Setup Wizard
  • Hit Next
  • Enter new password
  • Hit Next
  • Hit See all products and choose Router model
  • Go to Support Resources and then Firmware
  • Hit Download Now
  • After downloading the update, close the browser
  • Open the browser again and input
  • Use Admin as the default username
  • There is no D Link default password, so leave the field blank
  • Hit OK
  • Go to Tools and then Firmware
  • From Browse, choose the downloaded firmware
  • Hit Open and then Save Settings

In addition, you can also power cycle the router. Use the following steps:

  • Restart the router and modem together
  • Ensure the connection between modem and router cable
  • Connect your laptop with the router via an Ethernet cable to ensure your ISP is providing the Internet.

DLink Support from Us

dlink routers support

Even though DLink is known for its reliable service, there is always a risk of malfunction. Thus, we have come up with this troubleshooting guide to assist you solve your issues. Most issues have been covered in the article. However, if you feel the need for additional DLink support or have difficulty following the steps, you can contact the phone number given on this web page. In addition, you will be connected to an independent third-party DLink routers support executive, who will guide you through the troubleshooting process.