Microsoft Edge is what we are all aware of because it’s not a new browser. When it comes to defining it, Microsoft Edge is available as a Chromium-based internet browser meant for Windows as well as macOS. Windows users are using Edge Windows 10 because of its properties to increase speed, performance, and security. Due to the excellent tracking prevention features of the Edge browser for Mac & Windows, the users prefer MS Edge to be used for laptops and edge

Microsoft Edge is usually a free internet browser whose easy-to-use layout and interface help in simple navigation to use different software functionalities. It is not at all a new browser, but the users are eager to know about the latest version of Mac Edge & Windows Edge. Windows Edge is made of chromium just like Google Chrome and completely supports almost all kinds of browser extensions. Hence, the modern Microsoft Edge browser helps you in organizing the information most efficiently. Moreover, Mac & Windows Edge are excellent in keeping your personal information safe from hackers. Therefore, Microsoft Edge for Mac and Windows has become an excellent choice among users.

Basically, Microsoft Edge looks similar to Chrome, available with a few more customizations. It has the property to block online tracking as well as malicious sites. People like to use Edge on Mac & windows because of its ability to cut out the distractions and even control the formatting such as size, font, and colors. Apart from this, Microsoft Edge for Mac & Windows has the property to highlight the sections as helping you focus on one block. Unlike other chromium-based web browsers, the latest version of Microsoft Edge browser is quite faster and available with customized tab layouts. Microsoft Edge for Mac & Windows has a prominent feature of syncing. It is hence possible to sync the bookmarks and passwords easily.

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How to Install Microsoft Edge >> Installing Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge emphasizes increasing requirements of data privacy and security. If someone is searching for an internet browser, installing Microsoft Edge is the best option. Sometimes, people find the process of reinstalling Microsoft Edge because they want to use this modern version.

  • Downloading process of Microsoft Edge in Windows and Mac
  • Visit the Edge browser page present on Microsoft’s website.
  • Now you can find the tabs on top of the website for downloading on various operating systems. Select from the appropriate options available, i.e., Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
  • Further, you can click on the ‘Download’ option when you are using Windows PC or MacBook by accepting the terms and conditions.
  • The next thing is to run the installer by following the prompts. After the completion of the downloading process, the Edge browser icon will convert into a new one.
  • installing microsoft edgeOpen up the new browser and customize it as per your requirement, like importing Chrome. Select whether you are looking for an image-focused or news-focused interface.

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Installing Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS >> Microsoft Edge Setup Help

Microsoft Edge has definitely impressed all the users because it is fast and works almost on all kinds of sites. Moreover, it is also useful in marking up the web pages using drawing tools and highlighters and then sharing them like an image file in social apps or email.

The process starts by following steps.

  • Visit the Microsoft Edge webpage first.
  • After this, choose the Android or iOS tab present at the top of a website page.
  • Provide your email ID or valid contact number to get the link to the Microsoft Edge app.
  • In the next step, open the link and download the Edge app. You can customize it as per your need and set it as a default browser.

You can also use the MS Edge app available on the Play Store (for Android) and App store (for iOS) for installing Microsoft Edge on your respective devices.

How You Can Remove Edge From Windows 10 >> Uninstalling Edge

uninstalling edge

There are many Windows 10 users who don’t like to use the Microsoft Edge anymore and hence look out for uninstalling Edge. The revamped chromium version is much better than the previous one. But, you can’t force everyone to use it and find the steps for uninstalling Edge. However, there is a very simple method of uninstalling Microsoft Edge.

Steps for removing Edge from Windows 10

  • Go to the Setting app in Windows 10 and click on the Start button and choose the gear icon.
  • Click on the Apps button.
  • While going through the ‘Apps & features’ window, scroll down to the ‘Microsoft Edge’.
  • Choose the item and further click on the ‘Uninstall’ button. In case the button turns out grey, you need to download the alternative methods.
  • On installing the Beta, Developer, or Canary version of Edge, it is possible to click on the uninstall button for removing Edge from Windows 10.

By implementing these steps, uninstalling Microsoft Edge with ease is possible for sure.

Official Microsoft Edge Support Number

You have come to the right place if you are seeking the official Microsoft Edge support number. It is recommended that you contact official Edge support if you are not able to resolve your issues via this guide and our phone number. It is seen that Edge does not have a separate customer service number. As it is a Microsoft product, you can take the help of the Microsoft Store edge support

Edge Technical Support 1-877-696-7786

Updating the Microsoft Edge Browser

The Microsoft Edge, as said, is a chromium-based product that can also be updated with time. Updating Edge can become simple with the following steps:

  • Clicking on the Menu button

First of all, ensure that your Microsoft Edge is running properly. Then click on the Menu button given on the top-right corner of the screen, which looks like three small dots.

  • Click on ‘About Microsoft Edge’

By doing this, you will land on the ‘About’ screen containing different information regarding Edge. In addition, the users can also check for Updating Edge.

  • Microsoft Edge checks for updates automatically

The ‘About’ screen is automatic, which gets started for Microsoft Edge update whenever available. The users can contact the Microsoft Edge team to get the latest version. On discovering a newer version, you can easily download the latest version. After this, you have to restart the Edge for finishing the edge browser

When you go back to the ‘About’ screen for the Microsoft Edge update, you will find a confirmation message regarding the latest version. Now, you are ready to run the latest version of Edge. Though, sometimes there are chances of a process of failure or delay. There is nothing to get concerned about because you can securely run the latest version sooner. The guide will surely be helpful in updating Edge.

Common Microsoft Edge Issues and Resolution

Currently, Microsoft is a leading software company used in almost all companies, agencies, and enterprises, including the top-notch ones. However, Microsoft Edge is also prone to face Microsoft Edge compatibility problems concerning applications as well as functions. Here is a list of some familiar compatibility problems with Microsoft Edge that you might also come across at the time of using Microsoft and their related products, followed by the solutions.

  • Functionality issues

Microsoft Edge not working is the most common issue found by the users. Sometimes, Microsoft Edge problems occur at the time of installation of Microsoft Edge by companies or certified individuals. To solve this issue, it is better to call the professionals who are Microsoft-certified. They will install the latest systems to work smoothly.

  • Inability to find applications

Even if Windows 10 has been improved, but still, there are some Microsoft Edge issues that users have to face on daily basis. Used as applications in Windows 10, it doesn’t appear as icons or pins unless enabled. Hence, it takes time to find them and even makes the users confused.

The solution for this problem when Microsoft Edge is not responding is using the start menu given in Windows 10. You just have to click on the Start button while entering the name of an application in the search bar. Then click on the All Apps given in the start menu that will automatically open all applications. Right-click on each one and select the Pin to Start option.

  • Updating the reboots option without getting a warning

There is a need for an internet connection for the function of the Windows 10 operating system, or else Microsoft Edge slows down. It signifies that all updates are downloaded automatically at random times, and all the installations are followed by a reboot. Sometimes, such reboots occur without giving any warning and interfere with the process you are doing, causing the loss of data.

 To combat this situation, when Microsoft Edge not responding, the users have to visit the Settings, Update, and Security option. After that, click on the Advanced options and get the notifications to Schedule Restart. After that, the operating system will ask you for a reboot.

  • Windows maintaining on Edge uses

Whenever you are replacing an old Internet Explorer app, the latest version is available with Edge browser that can be set as a default browser. Those who like to work on Chrome and Firefox will not be able to find the pre-installed edge issues

Hence, one should find and download Windows 10, which is compatible with Firefox or Chrome, rather than removing Microsoft Edge.

  • Incompatibility to give print command after the upgrade

The users of Windows 10 have found the problem in not printing the documents from Microsoft Word. To fix such an issue as Microsoft Edge not working, installing the updated and newest drivers for the printer is better. Search for the drivers online.

  • Faulty MS Office 365

Many times, MS Office users go through a number of issues, like Microsoft Edge not opening whenever a new update is available. Undoubtedly, Office 365 is considered to be a great success. However, numerous companies who have installed this software sometimes face functionality problems. Therefore, deleting Microsoft Edge is not the ultimate solution. Instead, combating the mentioned problem can be done by hiring a certified support company for installing the Microsoft products. Hence, you will be ensured that the software that is installed is licensed and genuine, and you will get timely updates.

  • Concerns related to server platform

Companies and enterprises that work on Microsoft-based infrastructure usually face many problems related to servers. This further interrupts the functionality related to connected platforms and users. Microsoft Edge not loading pages can also occur due to this issue.

The Microsoft Edge crashing problem can be solved by regulating the scale of operation and running it smoothly. Therefore, it becomes vital to prefer the right server for the company. If you are still facing the issues in Microsoft Edge will not open, follow the give a try to solutions given above or else you can also contact the Microsoft support. You can also reach us using the phone number mentioned on this webpage. Our third-party independent executives will help you resolve all your Microsoft Edge problems within no time.

Microsoft Support from Us

microsoft new browserMicrosoft Edge is a big yes for many users because of its features and advantages. The old-school design of Edge is now replaced with a cleaner interface. Microsoft Edge is available with a feature designed for protecting the users from getting tracked by other websites that aren’t able to get access directly. Microsoft Edge has the ability to adjust different kinds of third-party trackers blocked.

Microsoft Edge is highly acclaimed for offering a pleasant experience. Edge is super quick and incorporated with a reading mode that helps in working with complex sites easily. Even it doesn’t suffer from security breaches like others and becomes user-friendly. In simple terms, Edge is known as Microsoft’s new browser and also provides full integration with Windows 10. Furthermore, whenever someone is switching from other browsers to Edge and installing Microsoft’s new browser, there is the ability to sync using the passwords, addresses, bookmarks, and more.

Contact the independent 3rd party MS Edge help team through the phone number on this web page if someone wants to get the help associated with Microsoft Edge. The experts will understand your problem and provide the solutions.