Being one of the oldest web browsers, Mozilla Firefox is a favorite web browser for desktops and laptops. Also, it is compatible with a range of operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows OS devices. As a result, Firefox is just behind Google Chrome in the list of the most popular browsers. Mozilla community supports the development of the browser.

As it is an open-source project, millions of users use Firefox worldwide. There is no charge or fee for Mozilla download. Firefox download is available on Linux-based, macOS X, Android OS, and Windows operating systems. Although Firefox is known for being a highly reliable web browser, it is still prone to malfunction. This is where we come in. This troubleshooting guide has been specially made for Firefox users so that they can resolve their issues on their own.

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How to Download Firefox for Windows >> Mozilla Firefox Download Help

It is a simple task to download Firefox for Windows. Due to its fast loading speed, Firefox is preferred by various users. Mozilla Firefox download for Windows is usually highly demanded as the browser opens applications and multiple tabs with lightning speed. You can also enjoy efficiency and speed by getting your own browser. People prefer Mozilla Firefox download for Windows because of its simplicity and clean design.

Another great feature that comes with Firefox is security. With Firefox download for Windows 10, you can rest assured about your privacy. In addition, the browser offers protection against phishing and malware attacks. Try Firefox download for Windows 10 to secure your private information. You must get Firefox free download as the browser is known to use lesser memory when compared to the competition. You can easily open multiple tabs, and your system will not lag. It uses low RAM is used due to which system performance is not impacted. Use the following guide for Firefox free download:

  • Open the web browser
  • Next, go to
    • For Mozilla download in a different language, hit ‘Download options & other languages’
  • Hit ‘Download Firefox’
  • Firefox latest version will start downloading.

Download Firefox latest version as the browser uses only 4 processes at any instance. If you open extra tabs, they are shared among these processes. Therefore, if you are frustrated with your browser hogging up the memory, Mozilla Firefox free download is for you.

How to Download Firefox for Mac >> Mozilla Firefox Free Download Help

Ever since its launch in 2002, Firefox has garnered immense support from its users. It has been possible because of the fact that the browser offers customization options and fast performance. Although Mac users have Safari as their default browser, they tend to download Firefox for Mac because of the freedom of customization. If you have gotten a new system or want to switch to Firefox, this guide is for you. Test Firefox on your Mac now and see why it has become so popular in recent times. To download Mozilla Firefox for Mac, do the following:

firefox free download

  • Open Safari
  • Visit this site
  • Hit Download Now
  • Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac

All about Firefox Old Version Download

You may have to downgrade the browser to an older version if you experience issues with its new version. However, downgrading the version is not recommended at all, as older versions come with serious security issues. Security updates are integrated into the latest version that protects you from external attacks. You may also want to move to older versions if you do not like the new features of the latest version. For Firefox old version download, do the following:

  • Open the browser
  • Visit
  • Go to the section ‘I still want to downgrade.’
  • Choose the suitable version based on a 64-bit or 32-bit processor
  • Alternatively, choose the desired version by visiting

How to Download Firefox for Chromebook?

The operating system of the Chromebook is named Chrome OS. It is usually considered the Chrome browser. After turning on the Chromebook, you will see that the Chrome browser launches automatically so that users can browse the Internet at once. If you demand an alternative browsing option, you can easily download Firefox for Chromebook. New Chromebook supports Android applications, meaning Play Store can be used to install Firefox on Chromebook.firefox download

  • On the Chromebook, go to Google Play Store
  • In the search field, input Firefox
  • You can choose among Firefox Focus, Firefox Preview, and standard Firefox
  • Next, install Firefox on Chromebook

All about Firefox App Download

In order to download apps on your mobile devices, you can use the Play Store.

  • Go to or open Google Play Store
  • Open the Firefox page by searching for it
  • Hit Install
  • Accept the relevant permissions
  • Firefox app download is complete.

How to Install Firefox Browser?

Firefox is famous for being a convenient web browser. You can easily download it for free by using the previous sections. First, download the installer file as shown in this guide. Use the following steps to check how to install Firefox browser on Windows:

  • Go to the Downloads folder
  • Click on the downloaded installer file
  • Choose the standard type of installation. If you are aware of the installation process, you can also use the custom installation.
  • Launch the browser

Users get Firefox for Macbook to enjoy tab-browsing and pop-up blocking. Also, you can install Firefox on Mac in simple and easy steps. First, you can download the installer file by taking help from the previous sections. Then, use the following steps to install Firefox on Mac:

install firefox

  • Go to the Downloads folder
  • Click on the downloaded DMG file
  • Install the app by dragging the file into the Applications folder
  • Press control along with clicking the Firefox window
  • Choose Eject Firefox
  • Get Firefox for Macbook by dragging the Firefox icon to the dock
  • Launch Firefox

Firefox is known for offering a seamless experience if you use multiple devices like desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Install Mozilla Firefox to exploit its continuity features. In addition, it is a fast browser that allows cross-platform compatibility as well as privacy. You can install Mozilla Firefox to block cookies and cross-site trackers via Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP).

Guide to Uninstall Firefox

It is not common that you need to uninstall Firefox. If you are using the browser regularly, you are likely to enjoy the browsing experience. Nevertheless, if you have to uninstall Firefox due to some reason, you can take the help of this guide. If you change your mind, there are easy steps to install the browser.

  1. Close your web browser
  2. Go to the Start menu
  3. Hit Settings
  4. Go to Apps and then Apps & features
  5. Locate Mozilla Firefox
  6. Hit Uninstall
  7. Finish the uninstall wizard

All about Updating Firefox >> Firefox Update Help

If you do not know how to update Mozilla Firefox, you need to go through these steps at once. One of the great things about Firefox update is that it is installed automatically. Nevertheless, you have the option to get Firefox updated manually.updating firefox

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to Menu
  3. Hit Help and then go to About Firefox
  4. Firefox latest update will be checked
  5. If available, the update will be downloaded
  6. Hit Restart to get the Firefox latest update

Updating Firefox on your Mac device is known to be a simple task. You need to get the update as it is crucial for security purposes. Follow these steps to upgrade Firefox on Mac:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to the menu from the top-right side
  3. Hit About Firefox
  4. If available, tap Update Now
  5. Restart the browser

Upgrade Firefox to get a host of new features, along with bug fixes. For instance, Firefox Lockwise can assist you in saving your passwords in a secure vault. This is why you need to upgrade Firefox regularly.

Official Mozilla Firefox Support

You may seek the official support contact option of Firefox. However, there is no direct contact option as it is a non-profit organization. You can visit to get official Firefox help and resolve your issues. All Mozilla products are fixed here.firefox support phone number

Resolving Firefox not loading pages

Firefox is known to offer a secure as well as safe Internet browsing experience. Nevertheless, a web browser is likely to attract a range of problems when loading pages. This is the reason why Firefox not loading pages is one of the key issues for users. However, you do not have to worry  It has been seen that most issues related to Firefox slow loading pages are due to conflicting extensions, intermittent network connectivity, faulty add-ons, and cache. Thus, whenever you face the issue of Firefox slow loading pages, you can restart the browser as the first troubleshooting step.

In case you lack functional Internet connectivity, you will observe that your Firefox cannot load web pages. It is the reason for the problem of Mozilla Firefox not responding. Therefore, you need to ensure that your Internet connection is up and running. If there is an Internet issue and you have a WiFi connection, you need to shift to a wired connection taking the help of Ethernet.

If Mozilla Firefox not responding bothers you, another option is to uninstall the browser and then install it again. The guide for uninstalling as well as installing the web browser is described in previous sections. Use it and ensure that the issue of Firefox not working is resolved. In addition to this, such Firefox problems can be solved by restarting the computer.

In case the stored data of the web browser is corrupted or outdated, it can develop problems for the related web pages. In order to rectify the issue of Firefox not opening, you should try deleting the temporary data:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Click Ctrl, Shift, and Del keys together
  3. Open Clear Data box
  4. Check the option of ‘Cache, Cookies, and Browsing and Download History’
  5. For Time range, you need to select Today
  6. Hit OK to fix the issue of Firefox not opening

Access the web page again to check whether the issue is solved. Howver, you need to keep in mind that deleting this data can sign you out from some websites. Firefox crashing Windows 10 is a big headache for users. It is seen that third-party add-ons break webpage components, which results in Firefox not working.  You can disable extensions with the help of these steps:

  1. Open you browser
  2. Go to menu, which is the hamburger icon at the top right
  3. Hit Help
  4. Open Troubleshoot Mode
  5. Hit Restart to open the Safe Mode

You need to check whether is site is accessible now. If you can access them, it shows that the extensions are faulty. Exit Safe Mode to open the computer in the normal mode. If Firefox keeps freezing, use these steps:

  1. Open you browser
  2. Go to menu, which is the hamburger icon at the top right
  3. Hit Add-on
  4. Disable extensions so that the issue of Firefox crashing Windows 10 is resolved

Resolving Firefox Server Not Found Issue

You have the option of using the troubleshooting methods described in the previous sections for fixing the problem of the Firefox server not found. In case those steps cannot solve your issue, try turning DNS Prefetching off. You must know that DNS prefetching technology is used to render pages faster. In case Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing, use these steps:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Input config in the search field
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Hit ‘I accept the risk’
  5. Input network.dns.disablePrefetch in the search bar
  6. Hit the toggle to make the value Truefirefox problems
  7. Reload the site to fix the Firefox freezing issue

Resolving Firefox Sound Not Working Issue

In this section, you will be informed what to do if you are facing the problem of Firefox sound not working. The Volume Mixer needs to be checked if you cannot hear sound in Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Play any kind of media that has some audio
  3. Go to the Windows taskbar and then right-click on Volume
  4. Tap Open Volume Mixer
  5. Make sure that the Firefox slider is not muted or at the lowest level

If Firefox crashes on startup, you will not be able to access the browser. This section will inform you about all the methods to resolve this issue. Following are certain fixes if Firefox keeps crashing:

  1. Get the latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  2. Disable Add-ons
  3. Uninstall and reinstall Firefox
  4. Clear cache

In case Firefox crashes on startup, try installing the browser from scratch. Use these solutions if Firefox keeps crashing:

  1. Refresh the web browser
  2. Update Windows
  3. Update drivers of the system; if Firefox freezing is an issue

Do you Know How to Enable Cookies in Firefox?

In case you do not have any idea about how to enable cookies in Firefox, check this section. We will tell you the steps needed for enabling Cookies in the web browser. If the Cookies are turned on, websites can save your data like passwords. The motive of cookies is to make the web browsing experience more enjoyable.

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Go to Menu, which is the hamburger icon
  3. Hit Options
    • If you are using a Mac device, it will be known as Preferences
  4. Hit Privacy and Security
  5. Choose desired Privacy/Cookie settings
    • There are three main settings for blocking/privacy: Custom, Standard, and Strict.

Do you Know How to Enable Flash on Firefox?

Adobe Flash is popular for being a valuable technology for displaying media-rich content. However, you need to keep in mind that Flash is not working on Firefox since Jan 2021. This is because the services of Flash have been terminated. In addition to this, while opening a Flash site, you are not informed that the Flash is no longer working. You will keep wondering why the Flash content is not working. To know how to enable Flash on Firefox, do the following:how to enable flash on firefox

Before enabling Flash on Firefox, you are required to ensure that Adobe Flash is running on the latest version. Go to the Adobe official site for getting the latest version.

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to Menu, which is the hamburger icon
  3. Hit Add-on
  4. Locate Adobe Flash Player
  5. Hit Always Activate

How to enable Flash in Firefox is troublesome for some users. There are some websites that tend to use Adobe Flash in order to show content. Users seek the solution for how to enable Flash player in Firefox as it facilitates other key features like games, video content, and Ad creation. When it comes to game design, you must know that Flash facilitates quick results as well as universal deployment. Flash has similar qualities to the PDF format. It provides consistent experiences on any device. You need to have Flash support to play videos or music.

Do you Know How to Save Bookmarks in Firefox?

Sometimes users go to a site they wish to access in the future. However, they cannot view it if they do not remember its address. Bookmarks are known to offer an approach for saving as well as organizing sites to be revisited. This guide shows how to save bookmarks in Firefox. Follow these steps for adding a bookmark:

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to the website that you want to bookmark
  3. Hit the Star icon, and the current page will be saved
    • All the bookmarks are moved to Other Bookmarks by default
  4. From the pop-up menu, you can select a different folder as well as the name of the bookmark.
  5. Next, select the relevant folder
  6. Hit Done.

Firefox Support from Us

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Although Firefox has reliable service, you might face certain issues that can interrupt your browsing experience. This is why we have come up this guide so that all your Firefox problems are solved. You will most likely find solutions to all your problems. However, if not, you can contact the contact number available on this web page. Then, you will be taken to Firefox support, where representatives are available to assist you.