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Webroot antivirus comes with Antispyware protection. It is powered by its Spy Sweeper. The product was launched in 2008 with a fancy name, Spysweeper along with antivirus protection. Along with Spyware it also featured firewall protection. The product was transformed over the years and rebranded recently with a twin firewall protection built-in. Also over the years, Webroot has expanded itself to more operating systems and devices. Today they offer services on both PC and mobile phones. They have added an antivirus to their limited spyware product.webroot customer service

Webroot has also been in the news for good reasons. It was in news for receiving Virus Bulletin for the fourth time. Webroot Antivirus with SpySweeper has been ICSA labs certified for PC. Anti-Virus Detection and Anti-Virus Cleaning are offered on the newer version on windows, they also offer security solutions for both android and iOS. They have built a lot of Antispyware programs such as Antispyware desktop, Antivirus Disinfection tool, Firewall Protection, Anti Trojan and the Antivirus program.

With the increasing success and popularity, Webroot has been able to onboard both home-based customers and business partners. They have also improved the number of executives employed on Webroot support number. Reaching out to Webroot is easier, you just need to dial Webroot customer service number. If you are wondering, where do you find Webroot customer service number? You just need to look at Webroot website, Webroot contact us on the bottom of the screen gives you access to Webroot contact details. You find different ways to contact Webroot. Webroot contact email and Webroot phone number are listed here.

Webroot Customer Service >> Webroot download for PC – Windows

These simple steps will guide you to download Webroot on your windows PC. You need to have purchased the product to access the product key. If you haven’t kindly purchased the product. You will find the product key in your email. If you don’t find the product key in your email, then reach out to Webroot support phone number, it will connect you to their customer care executive. People at Webroot support phone number are trained professionals and they will help you with the product key.webroot phone number

  1. Search for ‘Webroot Download for PC’ or simply go ‘www.webroot.com.’
  2. Look at the product you would want to install.
  3. Download the setup file.
  4. Double click on the installer to launch the installation process.
  5. Follow all the instructions mentioned on the screen after you launch the installer.

These are simple steps and following these you should be able to download the Webroot setup on your PC. However, if you encounter and problem following the above steps. Feel free to dial Webroot support phone number, you can leave your feedback and you can also ask for help on Webroot support phone number. They have a team of trained professionals and Webroot support phone number is available round the clock. You can connect on Webroot phone number even on weekends.

Webroot Support Numbers – Official:

According to the data present over the internet, we have mentioned some official Webroot contact options of Webroot support. The customers can use them in order to get in touch with the official support executive of Webroot. However, we suggest to verify these Webroot phone numbers before using any of the contact options as we have no connection with the official support service in any terms. If you need instant support, then we suggest you should call the support phone number provided on the top. This number will further connect your call to an independent third party Webroot customer support phone number. Please read the terms and conditions as well before using this number.

Webroot Customer Service Number 866-612-4268
Webroot Technical Support Number 866-612-4227
Webroot Customer Care Number 800-870-8102
Webroot Support Phone Number 866-254-8400
Webroot Email Support [email protected]

Webroot Support >> Installing Webroot on Windows

Installing Webroot is easy, you just need to follow some simple steps. You need to have the product key before installing Webroot, make sure you have purchased Webroot services before installing it on your PC or even mobile device. The procedure below guides you on; how to install Webroot on your windows device.webroot support phone number

  1. Visit the official Webroot website.
  2. Look out for the product and then click on download.
  3. You will notice a file named “wsainstall.exe” will start downloading.
  4. After the download gets completed, you can find the downloaded file in the destination you just downloaded the file.
  5. It will ask you for the product key if you fail to provide the product key. You can still use the trial version of the Webroot Secure for 14 days. You can dial Webroot tech support phone number if you want to know more about the 14 days trial.
  6. After you enter the 20 digit passcode it will redirect you to the scanning screen.
  7. It will scan your Device configuration, if your device is compatible for installation, it will start installing Webroot secure.
  8. After the installation finishes, you will see the screen with a prompt “Start using SecureAnywhere”
  9. You can now use Webroot secure.

Following these easy steps, you can setup Webroot service on your Windows PC. However, if you have any feedback, you can dial Webroot’s phone number, getting in touch with Webroot contact email and phone number is easy since Webroot phone number and email details are listed on their website. If you are not able to reach out to Webroot phone number you can also try third party Webroot tech support phone number by using the support number of this website, make sure you go through all the terms and conditions before dialing this support number and contacting to the third party Webroot tech support phone number.

webroot customer service numberWebroot Customer Service >> Installing Webroot on Mobile

Follow these simple steps to install Webroot on your Android device.

  1. Search for “Webroot Mobile security” inside the playstore.
  2. Click on download, you will see the download process starts.
  3. After the installation open the app, on the right corner you find three dots for the settings dropdown.
  4. A Screen will open with General Settings/ Change Password/Register/About/Uninstall
  5. Click on Register on the lower bottom of the screen.
  6. Click on Register. Write the 20 digit Keycode. If you are not able to find the code dial Webroot tech support phone number, the customer care executive will help you with the code, at times the email goes to the spam folder, the executive on Webroot tech support phone number will guide you to retrieve the email.
  7. Wait for the activation process to finish.

Installing Webroot on your android device for the first can be a little tedious however following the above steps you will not face any problem if you do dial Webroot customer service phone number. It will redirect your call to the customer care helpline of Webroot. The executive at Webroot customer service phone number will assist you with the process. You can also use Webroot customer service phone number to leave feedback about their service.

Webroot Support >> Uninstalling Webroot on PC

Before you start dialing Webroot customer service number follow these steps to uninstall Webroot, these are fairly simple steps you need to follow to uninstall Webroot on your windows PC, if you fail to follow any steps mentioned below feel free to dial Webroot customer service number.webroot support number

  1. Go to the Start Menu by clicking on the windows key or clicking on the windows icon on the left corner of the taskbar.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Search ‘uninstall a program’. You can also find it by going to the Program Menu.
  4. Look for the ‘Webroot antivirus software’.
  5. Select the Webroot antivirus and click on ‘uninstall’ option.

Following the above steps, you can uninstall Webroot from your Windows PC. However, if you find following any of the steps difficult, then feel free to dial Webroot customer service number. There are different ways of reaching out to Webroot Customer care executives, you can find Webroot support number on their website. If you fail to find it on their website, you can simply type in the search engine ‘Webroot support number’ and you will find it. If you find the telephone line busy on Webroot support number. If you need instant help, then you can also connect to third-party Webroot customer service phone number with the help of our support phone number given on the top. Just make sure you have studied the terms and conditions before using this number.