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Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese global electronics company founded in 1918 that previously recognized as Matsushita Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Its headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. Panasonic is a producer of lightbulb sockets and has enhanced to become the greatest  Japanese electronics producers. Furthermore, it provides non-electric services and products like home renovation services. Panasonic corporation is also popular for its wide range of printer. Its printers come as document and imaging solution that is multifunction high end printing products present in large series. Panasonic printers are utilized globally by type of users for several purposes such as copying, printing, scanning, photo printing, etc. Its printers are quite efficient and all in one solution for printing jobs. Panasonic offers many kinds of printers such as Panasonic dot matrix printer, Panasonic laser printer, Panasonic multifunction printer, Panasonic photo printer, Panasonic inkjet printer, Panasonic fax printer and more. In the current digital age, if you are searching for a piece of equipment, which will assist you to accomplish several tasks, then correct answer is Panasonic printers. In case, you may face any kind of issue with your Panasonic printer, then obtain comprehensive support from technicians sitting at Panasonic telephone support. Contact Panasonic support number, and permit the experts to fix all problems instantly. The Panasonic customer support team consists of dedicated and hard-working experts that possess the required technical abilities to eliminate all the glitches or errors via Panasonic customer service phone phone number

Panasonic Customer Support >> How to download and install Panasonic printer

This process will guide you how you can download and install Panasonic printer on Windows 7. You just need to follow this process carefully. If you face any issue while using this method, then you can get the help of Panasonic customer service number.

  1. Download the Panasonic printer driver:
  • Go to the official site of Panasonic and locate the printer download page.
  • Choose correct printer driver for Windows 7 and click the download button. For more information, dial Panasonic telephone support number.
  1. Extract the printer driver:
  • Double-press on the Panasonic driver package that you have downloaded, presently the file name is dg3rvi64ae081105.exe, to start the driver extraction procedure.
  • In case, you have the location of your presently store drivers, browse to that location for extracting the drivers. In case, anything happens wrong, call Panasonic support number.
  • But, if you don’t have a current location, then you might consider removing the downloaded or installation file to C:\Drive that should previously exist on your Windows 7 PC.
  • When you have chosen the location for extracting the installation file to press the Unzip option for extracting the file that might show a success notification depending on the application that was utilized to extract the file.
  • For this, the default windows 7 package is WinZip.
  • Now, click ok button and press the close option on the initial WinZip removal screen. For more information, dial Panasonic support phone number.
  1. Add a local printer:
  • After doing all these things, launch Windows 7 control panel and locate the “sound and hardware” section.
  • After locating, press the “view printers and devices” option that will show the printers and devices configuration customer service number
  • Press the “Add a printer” option presented in the file menu that will begin the add a printer configuration window.
  • You have to press the upper option shown “add a local printer” link that will take you to the port selection configuration screen.
  • Now, you have to choose the 2nd radio button for creating a new port and then choose the “standard TCP/IP” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Press the next button for continuing to the TCP/IP port configuration window. Enter the printer’s IP address into the given “IP address or hostname” field that will also fill out the port name field. For further help regarding this step, call Panasonic phone number.
  • You should continue and unclick the option showing “query the printer and choose the driver to utilize” since Windows 7 doesn’t have the complete Panasonic driver installed.
  • Press next to continue further and windows 7 will attempt for detecting the port on the In case, Windows doesn’t recognize the port, utilize the default “Generic Network Card” button and hit next.
  • After that, you need to select the drivers that you extracted beforehand by pressing on the “have disk” option from the install Panasonic printer driver screen.
  • Doing this, you will see a browse configuration screen where you require browsing to the Panasonic printer driver extracted previously. In case, you have any query related to this step, call Panasonic telephone number.
  • Now, Windows will default to A:\drive but most drivers were removed to C:\ drive so press the Browse option and navigate to the exact folder that will be C:\Drivers\dp-2330.
  • When you press ok on browse screen, the printer driver’s list will just show two options.
  • Choose your Panasonic printer version that will either be DP-3030 or DP-2330 and press the next button.
  • Windows system will protest about the printer driver not being digitally logged but press to go ahead and install the printer driver anyway.
  • Once the installation process is completed, you will see a successful message on the screen.
  • You have to press the print test page to ensure the Panasonic printer downloaded and installed correctly and then exit from all of the add printer configuration screens. For additional help, call Panasonic customer care number.

panasonic customer service phone numberThe procedure to download and install the Panasonic printer is ended now. Your Panasonic DP-3030 or DP-2330 is ready to utilize on your Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit operating system. If you encounter any trouble while implementing this procedure, then you can get assistance from Panasonic customer service phone number. The experts available at the Panasonic helpline will fix all issues without any hindrance. If you don’t have Panasonic phone number, then visit its main website. As the Panasonic customer service, 24 hours support is available all the time, you can call Panasonic support number anytime. Alternatively, you can also call our support phone number posted on this site. It will transfer your call to a trusted independent third-party Panasonic customer service phone number.

Panasonic Support Numbers – Official:

In this section, we have mentioned some official support numbers and contact options as per the research conducted over the web. However, we suggest to check and verify these contact options before using them as we have no connection with the official support team and we are not responsible if the given contact information do not work. That’s why we suggest you should take the help of the support number provided on this website. It connects your call to an independent third party Panasonic support phone number. Just make one thing clear that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this website.

Panasonic Customer Service Number 800-211-7262
Panasonic Customer Support Number UK 01 289 8333
Panasonic Customer Care Number Canada 1-800-561-5505
Panasonic Live Chat
Panasonic Contact Us

Panasonic Help >> How to install Panasonic printer drivers

Once you have found the accurate driver for your Panasonic printer, perform these simple steps provided below to install it. In case of any issue, dial Panasonic support number and get in touch with expert Panasonic help team. Panasonic contact number is one of the best and fastest way to get an effective solution.

  1. Firstly, turn off the support phone number
  2. Now, disconnect the device from your PC.
  3. Reconnect the device and turn it on.
  4. Double-press the driver downloads to install it.
  5. After that, choose your language.
  6. Permit the directions on the installation program window.
  7. Once you completed all these things, reboot your PC. Call Panasonic contact number to get more information related to this topic.

In order to install Panasonic printer driver, you need to follow all these above steps carefully. If you face any kind of issue while executing this process, then you can call Panasonic customer service number and talk with Panasonic customer support team regarding your Panasonic printer problems. They will explore your issues and deliver the best solution to that in real-time through Panasonic customer care number. You can call them anytime as Panasonic customer service 24 hours support is available round the clock for its potential users.

Panasonic Helpline >> How to update Panasonic printer device drivers

If you are looking for the process to update Panasonic printer device drivers, then this guide will help you properly. We have mentioned the method through which you can update the printer driver easily. You can update Panasonic printer device driver either by automatically using driver update utility or manually. You have to perform this guide thoroughly and in case of any trouble, just call Panasonic customer care number.

Update Panasonic device driver automatically

The driver update utility for Panasonic devices is intelligent software that automatically identifies the operating system of your computer. It searches the most up-to-date drivers. By chance, you have installed any wrong driver, you don’t need to worry about it because there is no risk of extracting it wrong.

  1. Download the Panasonic printer’s Driver update utility.
  2. Double-press on the program for running it. It will then scan your device and recognize any issue driver. the screen will show you a result page.
  3. Press the update driver button next to your driver. The accurate version will be installed automatically. Or, you can press the update drivers option given at the bottom side to automatically extract the accurate version of all driver which are out of date on your system. For further assistance, dial Panasonic telephone number.

panasonic helpThrough this procedure, you can successfully update your Panasonic device driver. In case, you need to know more about this topic, then you can take help of Panasonic customer service number. Whether your problem is simple or critical, Panasonic support number can resolve any problem instantly. If you don’t have any Panasonic telephone number, then you can find it on the official website. the Panasonic customer service 24 hours is available day and night to help you.

Panasonic Telephone Support >> Panasonic Printer Troubleshooting

These are some Panasonic printer troubleshooting steps that will help you to rectify your printer’s errors and resolve them instantly. Follow all these methods carefully and get this issue fixed. If any issue persists, dial Panasonic customer service phone number.

Panasonic doesn’t have a power indicator

Firstly, ensure that your Panasonic printer is power on. Once your Panasonic printer is turned on, it must have LED light indicating it is receiving power. If you don’t have an indicator light, then ensure your Panasonic printer is linked to a running power outlet by confirming every end of power cable. After that, click the printer power option. In case, after you perform all these things and still your printer doesn’t show a power status indicator light, your Panasonic printer can have a critical internal hardware problem. We recommend you to call Panasonic customer service number for better advice. The Panasonic customer support team will assist you to rectify your issues. Calling the Panasonic support phone number can fix any kind of issue instantly.

Cables not linked correctly

Your Panasonic printer must have 2 cables connected to it: data cable and power cable. Ensure the data cables and power are associated with both the computer and printer. If this trick does not work, then you can try another one given in this guide. You can get instant support if you call Panasonic customer service phone number. The experts available at the Panasonic telephone support will deliver you suitable and effective solutions via Panasonic phone contact number

Panasonic printer error (blinking light)

After completing its initial startup of printer, you should view a solid colored light. In case, the indicator is orange or is blinking, it is always a sign of a printer error, such as toner cartridge or ink issues or a paper jam. As there are no standards for all Panasonic printers, if you notice a blinking light, then get help from Panasonic contact number and obtain particular error information. If you want, then you can take help of any third-party Panasonic customer service number.

No paper or paper jam

Without any paper, your Panasonic printer could not be capable to print. You need to load papers into the printer paper tray or cartridge. Next, confirm that no printer paper is partially fed or jammed into the printer. If your suspicious paper is stuck anywhere it should not be, refer to Panasonic customer support team by calling them on Panasonic telephone number for paper jams. For more information regarding this topic, call Panasonic support phone number and get in touch with the best Panasonic help team who can fix your problem within a short span of time.

panasonic support numberPrinter self-tests

Most printers have a method of printing a test page. A printer self- test window permits you for determining if the Panasonic printer is responding. The printer self-test is generally accomplished by holding down a series of keys. In case, you are not sure if your Panasonic printer has this function or feature, then refer to printer manual or call Panasonic customer care number. You can also do a software self-test for determining if your PC can locate the printer and it is capable to print. Perform these points to do this test.

For Microsoft Windows Consumers

  1. Launch the control panel.
  2. Double-press or tap the printers and fax, printers or printers and devices icon.
  3. Right press on the printer you wish to test and choose the printer properties or properties. In case, you don’t view your printer listed, your printer is not installed.
  4. After that, press the print test page option in the property window of the
  5. If your printer can print a test page, then your printer is setup acutely. However, if you can’t print on another programs, then it is possible that the program you are attempting has problems or errors. For further help, dial Panasonic customer care number.

In case, you are running an older printer and Windows 3.x, MS-DOS, Windows 98, Windows 95 or Windows NT, then you can attempt the given below software test.

  1. Get to a Windows command line or MS-DOS prompt.
  2. Get to the root directory by entering cd\
  3. Reroute dir to printer by entering dir > Ipt1. To get more information, dial Panasonic phone customer care number

The above steps should take the directory listing and print it to the printer. If this doesn’t print, then refer to your O/S troubleshooting section or you may also take help of Panasonic support phone number. When you call Panasonic support phone number, you will be assigned one of the best experts sitting at the Panasonic telephone support who have the best expertise in resolving all issues instantly. They will troubleshoot your issue within a short span of time through Panasonic phone number and you will be capable to get back to your work without wasting time. You can contact Panasonic contact number anytime as the Panasonic customer service 24 hours support is available all the time day and night. If you could not contact official Panasonic contact number, then you can use support helpline number given on this site that will forward you to one of the best independent 3rd party Panasonic telephone number.